Lot Modification Guidelines and Procedures

The following guidelines and procedures are for the general construction improvements to the individual lots. Owners must submit a Change Request Form to the Board of Directors before proceeding with any improvements. The change must be approved and signed by a member of the Board before work commences. General guidelines include, but are not limited to:

  • Pavers: Pavers are not permitted on concrete pads but can be adjacent to existing pads.
  • Decks: Decks must be constructed of a maintenance free material such as Trex, plastic, composite material, recycled plastic, or any combination of lifetime materials. Wood or pressure treated wood decking is not acceptable. Colors are to be neutral in nature and comply with the general appearance of the park.
  • Structures: Only one structure is allowed per lot, either a gazebo, pergola, or covered shade structure. No structure can impede the ingress, egress or view of any other lot owner. Structures must be constructed from cedar or redwood and must be maintained and kept in good condition. No metal or aluminum framework is allowed, however metal roofing will be allowed with board approval. If purchasing a kit, attach the manufacturer and any pictures and materials list. Structures can be stained in either solid stain or transparent stain, maintaining neutral colors that are consistent with existing decks and gazebos. Lighting is permitted. All electrical installations must comply with the county electrical code and be inspected and shall be installed so that it is not offensive to neighbors when utilized. Structures must be set back from lot lines a minimum of three feet, and meet the following additional requirements:


  • Gazebo: Must be a portable 10’x10’ or 8’x8’ octagonal gazebo with either a natural copper or shake roof.
  • Pergola: Can be a maximum of 10’x10’, measured at the outside of the corner posts; a maximum height of 9’ feet to the top of the runners; and the top rafters shall not protrude more than 12 inches past the corner posts. Corner posts will be a minimum of 6″ nominal square solid wood. Solid material such as fiberglass, metal etc. is not allowed as a covering or roof, and no curtains or enclosures of any type are permitted.
  • Shade Structure: Maximum dimensions will be 12”x14’ with a maximum height of 10’6”, with either shake, copper or (neutral color) aluminum/metal roof. Bare metal roofing is not allowed. Corner posts will be a minimum of 6” nominal square solid wood. Shade structures must not be enclosed in any way, whether by screening, plastic, glass or otherwise.
  • Plantings: Lot owners should use discretion in planting individual plants so that they blend into the general rustic nature of the park. Plantings of one lot owner cannot encroach on the property of adjacent lot owners.
  • Stone/Wood Walls: Any stone or wood walls must be in keeping with the general appearance of the existing walls in the park and maintain the ambiance of the park.
  • Satellite Dishes: Permanent, ground mounted dishes must not be conspicuous in nature and must blend in with surroundings. Temporary dishes are permitted for short term use only.
  • Loose decorative objects: Any object that can become a danger to other people’s property due to severe weather must be properly stored or secured in the owner’s absence.
  • Electrical Improvements: All electrical improvements on an owner’s lot must be in conduit except low voltage accent lighting. Conduit must be buried below ground a minimum of eight inches in depth.
  • Trellises: All trellises must be non-permanent in nature and not obstruct the view of adjacent property owners.

The following are not permitted:

Personality Flags – Only American flags are permitted.
Clothes Lines
Design painting or surface painting of concrete pads
Permanent Outdoor Kitchens – Only portable grills and attached additions are allowed.
Permanent structures with sinks and sewers.
Hot Tubs
Rope lighting on the ground.
String novelty lighting hanging from exterior awnings. Only rope lighting is allowed under the awning flap.



Approval Procedure to Modify or Improve Lots at Apple Valley Farm

Provide a detailed description of any additions or changes they plan to make to the lot, including widening their RV pad, additional concrete, pavers, stone work, adding decking, gazebo, pergola, or other structure to the Board of Directors at least 30 days prior to any construction.

The owner must submit an accurate drawing showing dimensions and layout on the lot of the proposed change or addition. If contractors are to be utilized, their contractor license as well as proper insurance documents should be provided.

A list of materials to be utilized, including fasteners, must be listed on the plans.
A completed Change Request Form should be submitted with the drawings.

It is the owner’s responsibility to have all underground utilities marked and staked on their property prior to any commencement of construction and acquire any necessary permits if required and properly dispose of any debris.

All local building codes shall be adhered to.