Boat Rental Agreement

Please Read Before Using the AVF Boat

Before Boat Use
  • Use of the boat is limited to AVF owners who are familiar with the operation of a pontoon boat.
  • Guests are only allowed on the boat when an Apple Valley Farm owner is present.
  • Make a reservation to use the boat on the Boat Calendar in Section 1 of the notebook.
  • Limit of 10 persons on board.
  • Pets are not permitted on the boat.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted other than beer.
  • The boat registration is in the waterproof container attached to the keys. Leave the notebook in the barn.
During Boat Use
  • Note the time out, time in, beginning fuel level, and ending fuel level. This information is needed to complete the Record of Boat Usage when returning the keys to the notebook.
  • Life preservers are under the seats. Make sure there is one for each person on board. Lake Regulations require children under the age of 13 always wear a Coast Guard approved life vest while the vessel is underway (not moored). First offense fine is $125.
  • Lake Lure has a rule in place and enforced that prohibits any wake within Seventy Five (75) feet of shore. Numerous video cameras are set up around the lake to take pictures and violators are subject to a $125.00 fine. The complete list of Lake Regulations is in the notebook.
  • If the fuel tank is less than ½ full, fill it up at the Lake Lure Marina. Do not add oil to the gas. The cost of fuel will be deducted from the boat use fee.
  • The towing of any type of water device (toy, raft, tube, inflatable, etc.) behind the boat is prohibited.
After Boat Use
  • When securing the boat at our boat slip you must use a “Spring Line” tie off so that the front of the boat does not come in contact with the dock. This rule is enforced by the Dock Master.
  • Insure that all power switches on the dash are turned off.
  • Leave the boat cleaner than you found it, with the cover properly secured and the canopy closed. The cover poles are labeled for proper location.
  • Return the keys to the notebook. Complete the Record of Boat Usage in section 2 of the notebook.
  • Fee = $50 for first 3 hours, and $15 each additional hour. Payment amount is based on the amount of time the boat is reserved, or the amount of time it is actually used, whichever is greater. Deduct the amount of any gas purchased from the fee and leave the receipt with your check. Make check payable to “AVF POA”.

Instructions for Boat Reservation

  • Reserve the boat on the calendar in the first section. Time includes when boat leaves the dock and returns to the dock.
  • Record actual usage time and list the proper fees.
  • During all holiday weekends and Apple Valley Farm rally dates, please limit boat usage to three hours to allow all owners the opportunity to use the boat.
  • Please return the boat at the time you have it signed out. Others may have signed it out while the boat is on the lake and may be waiting to use it next.
  • Please list any needed maintenance on a maintenance request sheet and contact any board member for emergency maintenance.
  • Any and all maintenance and repairs need to be brought to the attention of the board of directors before any service is authorized.